Keepers of The Privy Seal- Rosa W

Keepers of The Privy Seal- Rosa W

90.00 - 385.00 — On sale

I got inspired by the old way to seal letters and important documents. Therefore, I approached five Amsterdam based artists to design their own seal stamp. I combined the results in a new collection called 'Keepers of the Privy Seal'

I used the stamps to which the designs have led, to create different versions of pendants and rings. Each one is unique.

This is a design by Rosa de Weerd
Necklace and pendant made out of Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Plated.

- Last photo of item ; necklace and pendant made in bronze
- on the last photo Rosa wears the pendant as a earring

Available in sterling silver, 18k gold plated, bronze and 14 Solid Gold.
Pieces are made to order and will take up to 3 working weeks before shipment

(Please bear in mind that the photo may slightly be different from actual item due all pieces are hand stamped)

Keepers of The Privy Seal- Rosa W Image 2 Keepers of The Privy Seal- Rosa W Image 3 Keepers of The Privy Seal- Rosa W Image 4
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