Morphosis Bracelet

Morphosis Bracelet

17.50 - 375.50 — On sale


This collection is a build your own one. You start with one piece and you can add as many and in different colors/ materials if you like.

See options below

Length of the block is 2.3cm width 0.7cm

So for bracelet with a length of +- 24 you need approximate 11 blocks.

Length of +- 27cm style
Approximate 12 blocks

Solid Gold upon Request

The manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development.
Combining form
Denoting something having a specified form or character.

Morphosis Bracelet  Image 2 Morphosis Bracelet  Image 3 Morphosis Bracelet  Image 4 Morphosis Bracelet  Image 5
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