For jewelry designer Cristel Ball, anything can serve as a source of inspiration. She taught herself to make jewelry while studying film in California, and quickly gained a reputation of cult designer with her one of a kind handmade pieces in silver, gold and bronze. Materials and shapes from the natural world – from crystals and diamonds to animal skin patterns – find their way into her collections. Her pieces are often described as wearable works of art.


Closely observing the world around her, Cristel Ball draws from her everyday surroundings – from random objects she comes across on the streets of her home town to Shakespeare verses and landscapes she encounters traveling all over world. Using ancient casting techniques she embraces the beauty of imperfections and organic shapes.  


Creating special designs on commission, such as mourning jewelry and recycling family jewels, is an important part of her practice. Cristel Ball’s tailor-made pieces are exceptionally held dear by their owners. Every single piece is handmade by the artist in Amsterdam, using the finest Italian silver, conflict-free gold, bronze and natural relics from around the globe.

If you like a custom piece; the sky is the limit. From Diamonds and platinum to horse hair, engraved finger prints or family trees or even just one engraved letter. Baby or wisdom teeth - ashes of a loved one or even an old jewelry piece that you want to melt into another piece...  Just send an email ! Check FB and Instagram for examples.