The Box Drip

The Box Drip

110.00 - 135.00 — On sale

Sterling Silver Earrings.
Also available in 22k Gold Plated on Sterling Silver.
Solid Gold upon request.

Size of earrings:
lenght 2cm - Width 1,4cm

-- Dear Seacats --

From a young age on I collected the washed up bones from cuttlefish at the beach for the birds that my grandfather used to keep.
As soon as I started making jewelry I learned that you can also use this specific bone to poor melted silver or gold in and get the beautiful structure that this bone gives into the jewelry pieces.

A collection made so that it could be worn on both sides. Each side with its own structure.
Like the cuttlefish that changes the structure of his skin when it needs to fit into different environments.
As the word Seacats comes from the direct translation in Dutch and isn’t an existing animal, so are the shapes of the jewelry pieces in this collection.
Shapes that can remind us of something existing but also where we can see something different every time we look at it.

The Box Drip Image 2 The Box Drip Image 3
The Hydra Earrings Silver and Gold
165.00 - 195.00 — On sale
Morphosis Earring
17.50 - 65.00 — On sale
The Sea Twigs
155.00 - 185.00 — On sale
The Ice Drip
85.00 - 115.00 — On sale
The Pistol Drip
165.00 - 195.00 — On sale
The Ear Drip
110.00 - 135.00 — On sale
The Rangifer
225.00 - 285.00 — On sale
The XL Rangifer
260.00 - 296.00 — On sale
The Link Opener Earring
65.00 - 89.00 — On sale
The Crescent
80.00 - 95.00 — On sale
The Wieber Double
110.00 - 265.00 — On sale
The Wieber Single
80.00 - 105.00 — On sale
The Big Ear Growls
95.00 - 115.00 — On sale
The Single Ear Growl
65.00 - 520.00 — On sale
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